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Original calendars!
You can order calendar with any of my photos. It can be wall or table calendar. Click to see calendar examples in high resolution:
HERE! - to see a calendar-poster.
AND HERE! - to see table and wall calendar (12months+cover) - one of the pages.
Please send me email if you want to bye the calendar. Specify calendar type (wall - poster, wall - 12months, table), desirable size (approximate), type of paper, photos you want to see on calendar (album name and number of the image), any other wishes. I will reply you very soon.

You can use (if you wish) "Add to order" button to temporarily put selected images to "your order" section. Then you can copy to clipboard images names (it consist from album name and number) by pressing "Copy to clipboard" button, and paste (CTRL+V) them to email. "your order" section will empty after closing your browser.