spherical panoramas
Print and calendar prices are:
30x90 (12x35in)     25$     20x30 (8x12in)     12$
30x60 (12x24in)     22$      15x45 (6x18in)     12$
30x45 (12x18in)     15$       15x30 (6x12in)     12$

Maximum print size at 300dpi is 2m long. When orderin several images you'll get a huge discount. After sending email with order, I'll contact with you, for approving yout order and price. Shipping will cost you some (10-30$, depending on a region).

For your convinience: you may click the button below to copy images name to clipboard. Then you can paste them (CTRL+V) to email. Feel free to ask any questions, suggestions.
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