spherical panoramas
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Panoramic technic.
My interest to a photography has appeared after acquaintance with photos of the American photographer Gary Irving.
I worked in computer graphics studio and have found his photos among others cliparts. It was in 2004.
His panoramic pictures have amazed me with the sceneries, a magnificent composition and natural colours. Along with well-known natural objects, there were a lot of scenes, familiar to everyone: meadows, fields, woods and trees. They amazed me not less than pictures of the Grand Canyon and mountains. It is better to look them all in one session. I have noticed how good panoramic format transfers the place scale.
Here on the right you can see some photos of Gary Irving.
Then I worked in cinema studio, where panoramic srame is standart.
At last, at the end of 2008 I got chinese panoramic camera with the 6x17sm frame.
There are some small claims, but still it is nice device and I never felt sorry about my choice. My Fuji SW 90/8 lens- small and lightweight, that is important on travel. When scanned on CCD-scanner Hasselblad X5 I got 160Mpx on one shot. That's a lot!
At first I shoot reversal film, as many suggested, but switched to color negative later.