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The best display for Color Correction.
Computer graphics was my job for a long time. I've worked with many monitors: Apple Cinema 24 ", 30", NEC 2090 (S-IPS)"pro" as some may say , HP, DELL the exact models I do not remember. No one of these LCD was even close to professional CRT-monitors in terms of colors quality. Now I work with two monitors - one is LCD - for work with texts and a drawing (noncritical for colour), and CRT-Monitor HP p1230 - for work with colour images (computer graphics, photo and video).
I would compare the difference between CRT and LCD colors as follows: LCD gives a rigid and flat picture which is always inexact on colours and is poor in colour gradation. Colours on CRT are at the general high saturation and brightness - remain natural and soft. But working with text and drawings is not so good - one may get tired quickly because of CRT blurriness.